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My aim is to find and highlite the best trade setups, and to send those to you every day.



"I banked 70 pips on the EURUSD."

The updates have been great! I banked 70 pips on the EURUSD. But I made a killing on the EURJPY and banked 150 pips during the late Asian Session and Mid European session. I just re-entered at 158.30. Although the one hour trend is yet to come down on the TRSI, the price action says it all and and 30 min and 15 min are both down. Also, on the one minute right now, price has done deep retracement of 30 pips each time so I banked another 60 pips from three trades. I better quit now before I get too ahead of myself. Talk to you soon. Regards, Rezvi

"Price had hit my target almost to the tic."


Hey Neal, Thanks for the video on the USD/JPY . I did some Expansion work based on it and price shot down as anticipated, then snapped back up. The change of direction was not anticipated. But price had hit my target almost to the tic.... so a nice 90 pip result. Lou

"My strongest influence in my trading is you."


Just wanted to update you on the EUR/USD long I took at 1.4650. I have closed the trade at 1.5180 which is around the 1.618 extension levels taken from a few areas on a 4 hr chart. The other reason it was time to get out is...we are seeing sideways action that we have not seen since the quick run up. I see the trsi is still above 60 however I have kept in mind that we are in uncharted waters at this price. Just wanted to pass this along as my strongest influence in my trading is you. Best - Shane (Toronto)

"GBDUSD did go to the 2.02 level."


Kim Herman wrote: Neal, Your prediction is wonderful. GBDUSD did go to the 2.02 level. I traded on demo acct.(too bad it was not my live acct.) I am looking forward to receive your next Fibmaster update on FOREX. How often do you send out the update. Thanks, Kim

"I made 30 pips."


Neal, I've entered this morning the Euro based on you advice on SK(1.4650) long and made 30 pips. Thanks very much LM