Putting the pieces together



Clear up the confusion by watching and listening to Neal as he illustrates how to identify higher probability trades using his own powerful trading methodology.


Neal truly enjoys helping serious traders improve their techniques. Try a trial subscription and see why traders call him, “The real deal“.

Neal Hughes "FibMaster"


Neal is an experienced trader with over 20 years of solid trading experience. He has traded a variety of markets (Stocks, Options, Metals, Futures, Forex) both in the U.S. and internationally.


A registered CTA, Neal has taught Fibonacci trading methods for many years to private clients and small groups nationally and internationally. Neal learned his Fibonacci techniques primarily from Mr. Joe DiNapoli and personal studies. Neal also trained clients on behalf of Joe DiNapoli at private seminars..


Well versed in all aspects of technical analysis, Neal bases his techniques on sound technical principles; he is not a gambler and prefers to search for quality trades than to attempt to capture every market move.


Neal credits much of his success to his ability to maintain a disciplined attitude towards trading while employing his methods. Although his techniques are very strongly influenced by Fibonacci analysis, other indicators play an important role too.


He is also an accomplished programmer and has written many market related software applications and custom indicators. Some of Neal's other notable achievements include being an Accountant, business owner, and once a registered Stock Broker.


Neal and his son Ian aboard their sailing vessel,
enjoying another summer at sea.